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20ft Container will store the average contents of a 3 bedroomed house.
Length 20ft / 6m
Width 8ft / 2.4m
Height 8.5ft / 2.6m
Door Dimensions Width 7ft 8in / 2.34m Height 7ft 5in / 2.28m
Cubic feet 1170 / Cubic meters 33.1
Price per Month £85 or £935 for the Year(one months discount) . One months notice to be given to end hire.

On arrival a contract will need completing, you will then be given a swipe card for the automatic security gate to access the storage yard and be allocated a container.
You are welcome to use your own security padlock or we can give you one for a £10 deposit refundable at the end of your hire on return of the padlock and the keys.
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The container storage yard is situated inside our CaSSoA Gold caravan storage yard.
Access is via a swipe card activated security gate, all movements in or out of the yard are recorded and the entire yard is covered by CCTV.